An eye on what matters


A single dashboard view, with a nice visual interactive carousel on all strategic change, prioritised viewing based on RAG conditions

Drill down into it


All the things that matter in relation to your projects and change agenda are visual.  See the finances, resources, risks, issues etc

What are the finances up to?


Too often PMO tools don't have an eye on the money, budgets are given for a reason,  seldom are they monitored and variances managed

Proactive workflow RAID


The system will prioritise and workflow for action the approaching deadlines, proactively addressing risks, issues, dependencies that require intervention.  They don't just sit on a static log waiting to expire and the deadlines missed

Share the big news


Successes and deliverables con completed are sent to a dedicated PMO Comms mailbox allowing your PMO and Comms team to collaborate and shout frequently about successes

Spotlight on what matters


You don't want to have to drill through reams of project reports to have assurances that things are going well, the Casdyl PMO engine does that for you.  If it spots anomalies it will route accordingly as you setup for interventions