Delivering Real Value Add Services Integrated as Partners



Members of the Business Architecture Guild and practiced it for real, we know how to deliver and are able to bring about the best in terms of quick realisable capability to your organisation.  We can quickly align your strategy, prioritising it, ensuring that your people work the way they need to work, with the right tools and technology capabilities to realise your strategic needs, thats the essence of Business Architecture, we have years of experience in TOGAF and other enterprise architecture tooling capabilities.



We have serious capability in delivery., PRINCE II PRACTITIONER & AGILE CERTIFIED.  We can setup a Branded PMO out of the box for clients in one week, giving you real, value add assurances, visibility and predictability for success on all your change and investment portfolio.  This can be achieved with our PMO tooling, which is a real SaaS based enterprise app in the cloud, branded and personalised to your organisations needs.  Ask for a demo!



Casdyl Consultancy have implemented ITIL ITSM for clients. from start to finish.. The pace of introduction and scale of the ITIL practice can be tailored fully to meet your organisations capabilities and fine tuned.  We work with our clients, from design through implementation, training and full business readiness and adoption to open the front service door able to offer services and achieve excellence in terms of performance level